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Sign up for the Killer Con Gross Out Contest!

Deadite Press and Section 31 Productions are proud to present the most infamous event in all of horror literature – the Gross Out Contest at Killer Con in Austin, TX! This year’s event will be hosted by Section 31 head editor, Jeff Burk, and he’ll also be providing valuable and awe-inspiring prizes!

The contest is simple – your goal is to tell the most extreme, gag-inducing, vile-filled, piece of literary excrement that your twisted mind can summon. After three minutes the audience will decide if you get to continue. If you are lucky enough to continue, you have two minutes to finish. You WILL be cut-off at five minutes!

You will be graded on the following criteria – GROSSNESSHUMORAUDIENCE REACTIONPRESENTATION, and ORIGINALITY.

Props and costumes are highly encouraged!

The event will be taking place Saturday evening, August 17th.

Passing judgment over the night will be some of the biggest names in horror and bizarro. Their identities will be revealed soon.

If you think you have what it takes, send an email to GrossOutContest at Gmail dot Com with the subject line: GROSS OUT SIGN UP.

Spots are extremely limited!

Note: You must be a registered attendee of Killer Con to compete.

MEAT WAGON by Amber Fallon


Every day we depend on firefighters, police, and EMTs for our lives. But what if they were the most dangerous threat?

A sinister otherworldly force has infested the first responders of the sleepy little borough of Burke Township. Those who’ve sworn to protect and serve are now the greatest threat to those in need. Tonight, the citizens of Burke must battle for their lives against the very structures of society we depend upon for our survival.

From Amber Fallon, author of TERMINAL and THE WARBLERS, comes a novel of terror and action about what happens when the most basic levels of society begin to crumble.

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Andre Duza is one of the most exciting new voices in horror fiction. His prose hits like a fist of razor blades. Get in line early, and enjoy the hell out of the ride.” – Brian Keene, author of the Rising

When the cops were called to Harrington House Retirement Center, they had no idea of the madness that awaited them. The Coloureds were there. Creatures born from animated television who do not follow our rules of reality or morality. Hellbent on mischief and cruelty, the Coloureds have massacred those unlucky enough to encounter them. For the police now stuck in this nightmare, there may be no way out…

From one of the most creative and innovative authors in modern horror comes an insane story of technicolor terror, violence, and LSD.

This new edition features two bonus stories of bizarro horror, “Retrograde” and “Night of the Day of the Celebrated Folks.”

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Small in stature, large in kicking ass!

In rural Oklahoma, little person Gordon Trask has just been killed and eaten by mutant badgers. When animal control refuses to act and another little person is maimed, the local Little Persons Association springs into action to deal with the threat. Now, sick of a world of discrimination, this pint-sized posse is armed to the teeth and ready for revenge. But behind the badger attacks an even greater danger is at play, one that could lay all the little people low. And if this pissed off group of little people have any chance for survival they’re going to have to break out their big fucking guns.

LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG GUNS is insane action horror sure to please fans of Troma, John Waters, and Frank Henenlotter.

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preydrivesmallEight years ago, Joseph Miles went in search of a cure for a disease he was convinced was turning him into a monster. The result was a killing spree that left a string of dismembered and cannibalized bodies from San Francisco to Seattle. After being tried and sentenced to life in prison, Joseph is still searching for a cure. But he can’t find what he’s looking for behind bars. With the aid of a lonely guard and a young model, he will try to get out. But his help may have very different ideas for him…

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KILLER LAKE by W.D. Gagliani and David Benton


Recipe for a Satanic panic:

Take a medium-sized cult and their best demonic summoning. Mix with a dash of strange psychic powers. Generously add murderous reanimated corpses, inbred cannibal rednecks, sex-starved half-naked coeds, horny football players, and a surprise creature or two. Sprinkle in a fancy log cabin mansion, a labyrinthine set of tunnels, and a secret ritual chamber. Stir. Bake on high at 666 degrees.

You know it’s gonna be one killer party…

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I get it potential reader, you hear it all the time, this writer is special and like no one else, but I gotta say I really can’t compare Gina Ranalli to anyone. A brave writer who is not afraid to freak out her readers with high concepts, fully realized characters and important ideals that sometimes challenge and often amuse. Join the cult of Gina.” – David Agranoff, author of The Vegan Revolution…with Zombies and Ring of Fire

Alternatively intense and whimsical, dark and absurd, Ranalli is a Bizarro and horror master. – Garrett Cook, A God of Hungry Walls and Crisis Boy

When I think about my favorite horror writers, many names come to mind. When I think of authors capable of crafting truly creepy narratives, the list is great. When I talk about bizarro legends, some names come up. When I think of authors who can do all that with inimitable style, a single name is left: Gina Ranalli.” – Gabino Iglesias, author of Zero Saints and Coyote Songs

From Wonderland Award-winning author, Gina Ranalli, comes two novellas of terror, monsters, and pure insanity.

Swarm of Flying Eyeballs – a school bus of children on a field trip must survive an unimaginable nightmare, a swarm of vicious flying eyeballs!

Smirk – Man sees woman. Man becomes smitten. Woman smirks. Man abducts woman. Man hates women. Man gets a lot more than he expected…

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