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New Release: SUBURBAN GOTHIC by Brian Keene and Bryan Smith

Two titans of modern horror-Brian Keene and Bryan Smith-team up for the terrifying crossover sequel to both Keene’s URBAN GOTHIC and Smith’s THE FREAKSHOW.

The Westgate Galleria Mall was once a sprawling, shining monument to American consumerism and suburban growth. Now, it is a crumbling reminder of how both have fallen-an architectural ghost, haunting the outskirts of society. That makes it the perfect filming location for a YouTube channel devoted to the exploration of abandoned places. But the mall isn’t as empty as it seems and the residents have sinister obscene plans for them. Now, with the daylight still hours away, both the hunters and the hunted will fight to stay alive…and desperately try to make it home.

SUBURBAN GOTHIC by Brian Keene and Bryan Smith-Home is where is the severed heart is…

AVAILABLE NOW! (paperback and ebook)
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BURN THA MOTHERFUCKA DOWN – Anthology Announcement

We are developing a project that we can’t keep quiet about any longer…

Here at Deadite Press in Portland, Oregon we are entering our 14th week of downtown protests for black lives and we have barely recovered from the shock of unidentified federal officers illegally abducting people off the streets in unmarked vans. Today is the 57th anniversary of the historic March on Washington where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. And the image for this post is a photograph taken Monday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin at a protest following the police shooting of Jacob Blake on Sunday. The fight for civil rights and equality in this country is far from over and this is the time for action.

To contribute to the cause and engage our community of creators and readers, I can share with you now that we are putting together an anthology of extreme horror stories about police brutality and systemic racism. In true Deadite Press style this anthology will be brutal and uncompromising. We have already reached out to many of our favorite horror writers and the responses have been inspiring! We will also be opening up for submissions soon.

The project is being edited by Andre Duza and Wrath James White. 100% of the net profits from this anthology will benefit NAACP Legal Defense Fund  and The Equal Justice Initiative.

Here’s their official statement about the anthology:

(Anti-fascism, Anti-racism, Extreme Horror tales of Justice, Anarchy, Revolution, and Revenge)
Edited by Andre Duza and Wrath James White

Systemic racism is hardwired into the US justice system. From police shootings and brutal beatings of unarmed black people, to mass incarceration and longer prison sentences for minorities and people of color, conviction of innocent men due to prosecutorial misconduct, laws that target minority communities with harsher sentences for marijuana and crack than for cocaine, designer drugs, and prescription opioids, anti-immigration laws that overwhelmingly target black and brown countries, bathroom bills and denial of healthcare for transpersons, the gay/ trans panic legal defense and the failure to prioritize and prosecute the murder of transwomen, it is clear the system is rigged against us. So, what is there left for us to do, but burn this motherfucker down!

100% of the net profits from this anthology will benefit NAACP Legal Defense Fund  and The Equal Justice Initiative.

Burn Tha Motherfucka Down! will be published by Deadite Press in paperback and ebook formats with an anticipated release date in early 2021.

Stay tuned as things develop for information about how you can get involved!


A great new podcast has started up combining two of DEADITE PRESS’ favorite things – Horror Fiction and Beer! For the second episode they reviewed GENITAL GRINDER by Ryan Harding.

Check out the show here!

The Slaughterhouse Forums are now open!

Visit the new Deadite Press message board at the The Slaughterhouse Forums. Registration is required.

Deadite Press at KillerCon!

Deadite Press will be attending Killer Con. Not only will we be attending, sitting on panels, and selling books, we are throwing a party on Friday at midnight. Anyone that went to our party at World Horror or has been to BizarroCon can attest to how badass our parties are. This will be a book release party themed around the authors in attendance. Here’s who all’s going to be there from the Deadite family:

Edward Lee – celebrating the release of Mangled Meat
Wrath James White – celebrating the release of Porno for Psychos
Nate Southard – celebrating the release of Just Like Hell
Carlton Mellick III – celebrating the release of I Knocked Up Satan’s Daughter
Robert Devereaux – celebrating the release of Walking Wounded
Jeff Burk – Head Editor of Deadite Press

The convention is happening September 22 to 25 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Go here for more info and a schedule of events.

Deadite Press in 2011

2010 was a great year for Deadite Press. After revamping our image, we released works by Edward Lee, Bryan Smith, Robert Devereaux, David Agranoff and Dave Brockie of GWAR. The books were met with acclaim from readers and critics. Finally, the horror too hardcore, strange, or outrageous for many publishers had found a home. This is the year in which Deadite Press will be maturing into a new, more dangerous monster. And to help that along we’ve got two new additions to the Deadite Press family:

Brian KeeneWe couldn’t be more pleased to announce the joining of horror superstar Brian Keene. Starting this year, we will be reprinting almost all of his out of print books, and will be releasing new trade paperback and digital editions throughout the year, beginning with Urban Gothic and Jack’s Magic Beans in February, and A Gathering of Crows and Take the Long Way Home in March. Later in the year you can expect many more of his books to be reissued. Some of these new editions will be the “the author’s preferred edition” and will (such as in the case of The Rising) include material that was cut from the published versions because of mass market editorial concerns.

J. F. Gonzalez Readers know him for his extreme horror tales that disturb and provoke. Deadite will be bringing most of his work back into print starting with the classic giant monster series Clickers (co-written with Mark Williams and Brian Keene) and his newest novel, The Corporation.

Plus Deadite Press will be publishing new works and reprinting rare out of print books by Edward Lee, Bryan Smith, Wrath James White, and Robert Devereaux.

Last year, Deadite Press took a steel pipe to your kneecaps. In 2011, it’s a full-on shotgun blast to the face!

Urban Gothic by Brian Keene
Jack’s Magic Beans by Brian Keene
Clickers by J. F. Gonzalez and Mark Williams
Clickers II by J. F. Gonzalez and Brian Keene

A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene
Take the Long Way Home by Brian Keene
Baby’s First Book of Seriously Fucked-Up Shit by Robert Devereaux (a new collection of short fiction)

Highways to Hell by Bryan Smith (a new collection of short fiction)

Coming later in 2011:
The Corporation by J. F. Gonzalez
His Pain by Wrath James White
The Killing Kind by Bryan Smith
Freakshow by Bryan Smith
Depraved by Bryan Smith
Dark Hollow by Brian Keene
A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene
Darkness on the Edge of Town by Brian Keene
Castaways by Brian Keene
Ghost Walk by Brian Keene
Ghoul by Brian Keene
Dead Sea by Brian Keene
Kill Whitey by Brian Keene
The Conqueror Worms by Brian Keene
The Conqueror Worms: Selected Scenes from the End of the World by Brian Keene
The Rising by Brian Keene
Walking Wounded by Robert Devereaux
Santa Steps Out by Robert Devereaux
Santa Conquers the Homophobes by Robert Devereaux
Book Three of the Santa Chronicles by Robert Devereaux
Plus much more!

This isn’t all. This is just a hint at all the sex, splatter, and monsters coming your way in 2011. Expect many more surprises to be announced throughout the year.

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