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Santa Claus Saves The World CoverIt’s that time of year again – when Santa Claus has to save the world!

After conquering the homophobes, Santa Claus believes that humans can finally be nice instead of naughty. But dark forces from across history and mythology have other plans. One couple and their disintegrating marriage may just cause a chain reaction that will plunge the world into darkness and terror. So Santa and his pals begin an adventure from the North Pole to the Heaven and Hades to save the soul of humanity.

Robert Devereaux returns once again to the Santa Mythos that made him an underground horror fan favorite. The sequel to Santa Steps Out and Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes combines pagan gods with holiday cheer and a large dose of sex and violence. Santa Claus Saves the World is a present for sickos of all-ages!

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