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WALKING WOUNDED by Robert Devereaux

“Walking Wounded is well-suited to an era of alternative lifestyles, New Age mysticism, and senseless violence.”
-Publishers Weekly

“At the heart of all Devereaux’s writing are the twin embryos of love and pain. In Walking Wounded he has explored their perverse dependency with an expert’s tender touch. This book is both a challenge and a rare treat!”
—Poppy Z. Brite

Katt has the power to heal disease with her touch. Every day she saves lives and no one knows. But her heart is filled with hate – hate toward her cheating husband. After he is diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, Katt learns she can also make illness worse – the power to commit the perfect murder. But a local serial killer armed with a power-drill has entered their lives and the perfect murder just got a lot messier…

From Robert Devereaux, the celebrated master of bizarre horror, comes a novel of love, betrayal, and death by power-tools.

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