the very best in cult horror

POISONING EROS by Monica J. O’Rourke and Wrath James White

poisoningeros2Wrath James White has more to say than many of his contemporaries, and says it more eloquently. He can gross you out with the best (or worst) of ’em, but I think there’s more to him than that…
-Poppy Z. Brite

O’Rourke digs down into some loamy soil–what she comes up with is disturbingly dark, and often, very funny.
-Jack Ketchum

Life can be Hell. Gloria is an aging porno actress, failed wife and mother, and drug-addict, when she gets the opportunity to do yet another degrading gig. But when it gets way out of hand and the wreck of a human being finds herself in Hell, the real trials for Gloria are to begin.

Cursed to an eternity of suffering and torture, she will do anything to get out of the Pit. Even if it means taking it over…

Deadite Press is proud to present one of the most notorious modern horror novels to a brand new audience. Prepare yourself for a trip to the darkest pits of Hell and back.

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