the very best in cult horror

ALL YOU CAN EAT by Shane McKenzie

Unflinching and uncompromising, tough and talented, Shane McKenzie stands at the forefront of the next generation of horror writers.
—Bentley Little, Stoker Award winning author of The Summoning, The Store, and The Haunted

Edward Lee fans are going to dig All You Can Eat! My advice? Devour this in one sitting, before it eats you!
—J. F. Gonzalez, Author of Survivor and the co-author of the Clickers series.

Deep in Texas there is a Chinese restaurant that harbors a secret. Its food is delicious and the secret ingredient ensures that once you have one bite you’ll never be able to stop. But when the food runs out and the customers turn to cannibalism, the kitchen staff must take up arms against these obese people-eaters or else be next on the menu!

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