the very best in cult horror

SON OF A BITCH by Wrath James White and Andre Duza

sonofabitch3Demetrius breeds vicious dogs for drug-dealers and dog-fighters. But one dog came out very wrong.

The hideous thing that clawed its way from its mother’s womb was like no dog Demetrious had ever seen. It was all appetite and aggression, an abomination from the darkest bowels of hell.

This creature perfectly suits Warlock, a local hitman, who wants to use the dog for a special murder. But things go terribly, horribly awry. The hitman’s body is destroyed and his consciousness becomes trapped inside the demonic canine. Their souls merge, becoming one monstrous, murderous, vicious son of a bitch, determined to exact vengeance upon those who cursed him to this fate. Unless Demetrious can help free Warlock’s soul, he will soon be his next victim.
Andre Duza and Wrath James White present an urban horror novel of revenge, sex, and the beast that is within us all.

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