the very best in cult horror


We are looking for high concept cult and extreme horror. Books that once you hear about it you say, “I need to fucking read that!” The stranger, the sexier, the more taboo – the better. The ideal book we publish will scare you, gross you out, make you laugh,  and turn you on – all at the same time.

We publish novellas and novels. Word length is not an issue as long as the book is badass!

Check out the book section on this website. Your pitch has to be at least as awesome as them!

NO to sci-fi, fantasy, young adult, “quiet” horror.

YES to works influenced by Troma Films, The Evil Dead, comic books, 70’s grindhouse flicks, punk rock or metal.


We are amazed and flattered and the sheer number of writers that submitted to Deadite Press. Unfortunately, the volume is SO high that we must close submissions as we catch up on everyone’s pitches. If you’ve been waiting months for a response, that’s why – there’s just so many of them with more coming in everyday! We’ll be catching up and responding to everyone and, once that’s done, pitches will open once again.

Thank you so much for your interest, support, and patience.

If you have any questions, please direct them to DeaditePress at gmail dot com

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