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Edward Lee

EDWARD LEE is the premier practitioner of splatterspunk and has written over fifty books. He is the author of such hardcore horror classics as The Bighead, The Pig and the House, Gast, and many more books to test your gag reflex. His story Header was adapted into a movie and was released on DVD by Synaps.

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Brain Cheese Buffet
Bullet Through Your Face
The Innswich Horror
Trolley No. 1852
The Haunter of the Threshold
Carnal Surgery
Mangled Meat
Pages Torn from a Travel Journal
The Dunwich Romance
Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road (with Brian Keene, J.F. Gonzalez, Jack Ketchum, Bryan Smith, Wrath James White, Ryan Harding, Nate Southard, and Shane McKenzie)
Family Traditions (coming soon)
White House Gothic (coming soon)


“The living legend of literary mayhem. Read him if you dare!” — Richard Laymon, Author of The Island, Endless Night, and the Beast House Chronicles Series.

“Edward Lee’s writing is fast and mean as a chain saw revved to full-tilt boogie.” — Jack Ketchum, Author of The Girl Next Door and Off Season.

“Lee pulls no punches.” — Fangoria

“The hardest of the hardcore horror writers.” — Cemetery Dance

“Lee excels with his creativity and almost trademark depictions of violence and gruesomeness.” — Horror World

“A true master of the horror novel.” — Funeral Party

“Reading Lee puts you in instant and uncomfortable touch with the conservative, book-banning guardian of decency deep within yourself. What I want, reading Lee’s description of a hillbilly sodomizing an old woman’s colostomy stoma, or two nuns urinating through catheters into a priest’s mouth and urethra, is not just not to be reading it anymore – a wish I could easily grant myself by closing the book – or even just for nobody else to want to read it, either. What I want is for it not to exist.” — Tim Kreider, The Baltimore City Paper