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SUPER FETUS by Adam Pepper

Try to abort him, and this fetus will kick your ass!

He’s a fetus growing in the womb of a whiny white trash whore of a mother. His problem: she wants to have him aborted. But what this bitch doesn’t know is that she isn’t pregnant with some mild-mannered developing human form. Heck no. This is Super Fetus. He has an attitude and he is determined to be born, whether she likes it or not. Doing push-ups in the womb day and night, until he becomes amazingly buff, this little fetus is prepared to fight off the onslaught of vacuums, tongs, coat hangers, and scalpels. Once that sonofabitch doctor comes for him… he’ll be ready.

A horrific and humorous romp with strange characters, stranger sex scenes, and one kick-ass musclebound fetus.

Too tough to be aborted, Super Fetus fights back!

“Gross and hilarious. The dark humored SUPER FETUS has already offended and upset many readers.” – FRIGHT.COM

“The story of a self-aware fetus whose morally bankrupt mother is desperately trying to abort him. This darkly humorous novella will surely appall and upset a sizable percentage of people who read it… In-your-face, allegorical social commentary.” – PAUL GOAT ALLEN,

“Leave it up to Eraserhead Press to publish a tale dealing with abortion that’s as funny as it is demented.” – THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW

“Adam Pepper writes with a fury and a passion uniquely his own.” – BRIAN A. HOPKINS, Award Winning Author and Editor

“A frightening fresh voice with an intensity that will forever alter the color and texture of your dreams.” – JOSEPH B. MAUCERI,

“Keep an eye on Adam Pepper!” – J.A. KONRATH, Author of the Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels series.

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