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BURN THA MOTHERFUCKA DOWN – Anthology Announcement

We are developing a project that we can’t keep quiet about any longer…

Here at Deadite Press in Portland, Oregon we are entering our 14th week of downtown protests for black lives and we have barely recovered from the shock of unidentified federal officers illegally abducting people off the streets in unmarked vans. Today is the 57th anniversary of the historic March on Washington where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. And the image for this post is a photograph taken Monday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin at a protest following the police shooting of Jacob Blake on Sunday. The fight for civil rights and equality in this country is far from over and this is the time for action.

To contribute to the cause and engage our community of creators and readers, I can share with you now that we are putting together an anthology of extreme horror stories about police brutality and systemic racism. In true Deadite Press style this anthology will be brutal and uncompromising. We have already reached out to many of our favorite horror writers and the responses have been inspiring! We will also be opening up for submissions soon.

The project is being edited by Andre Duza and Wrath James White. 100% of the net profits from this anthology will benefit NAACP Legal Defense Fund  and The Equal Justice Initiative.

Here’s their official statement about the anthology:

(Anti-fascism, Anti-racism, Extreme Horror tales of Justice, Anarchy, Revolution, and Revenge)
Edited by Andre Duza and Wrath James White

Systemic racism is hardwired into the US justice system. From police shootings and brutal beatings of unarmed black people, to mass incarceration and longer prison sentences for minorities and people of color, conviction of innocent men due to prosecutorial misconduct, laws that target minority communities with harsher sentences for marijuana and crack than for cocaine, designer drugs, and prescription opioids, anti-immigration laws that overwhelmingly target black and brown countries, bathroom bills and denial of healthcare for transpersons, the gay/ trans panic legal defense and the failure to prioritize and prosecute the murder of transwomen, it is clear the system is rigged against us. So, what is there left for us to do, but burn this motherfucker down!

100% of the net profits from this anthology will benefit NAACP Legal Defense Fund  and The Equal Justice Initiative.

Burn Tha Motherfucka Down! will be published by Deadite Press in paperback and ebook formats with an anticipated release date in early 2021.

Stay tuned as things develop for information about how you can get involved!


America post apocalypse…a toxic wasteland populated by bloodthristy scavengers, mutated animals, and roving bands of organized militias wing for control of civilized society’s leftovers. Housed in small settlements that pepper the wasteland, the survivors of the third world war struggle to rebuild amidst the scourge of sickness and disease and the constant threat of attack from the horrors that roam beyond their rudimentary borders.

But something much worse has risen from the toxic fog, a menace whose ferocity rivals the legendary wrath of Bloody Mary and her Revenant Clan. People say that this new menace is responsible for the Revenant Clan’s sudden disappearance, that Bloody Mary had finally met her match. Or maybe the reports of yellow-red eyes glaring from the darkness were all part of Griff’s mind games.

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JESUS FREAKS by Andre Duza

For God so loved the world that he gave his only two begotten sons… and a few million zombies.

Thugs, pushers, gangsters, rapists, murderers; Detective Philip Makane thought he’d seen it all until he awoke on the morning of Easter Sunday 2015, to a world filled with bleeding rain, ravenous zombies, a homicidal ghost, and the sudden arrival of two men with extraordinary powers who both claim to be Jesus Christ in the flesh.

“Andre Duza is one of the most exciting new voices in horror fiction. His prose hits like a fist full of razor blades. Get in line early and enjoy the hell out of the ride.” –Brian Keene, Bestselling Author of The Rising and Terminal

“Andre Duza is a new writer who’s serving notice: he’s not going to be afraid to take risks. Count on him for ideas to make you think and images to disturb your sleep.” –Thomas F. Monteleone

“Unique and aggressive… Duza’s narrative style has me hooked!” –Travis Adkins, author of Twilight of the Dead

“Quite possibly the most underrated new author on the scene today.” -Horror Fiction Review

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Step into a world filled with racist teenagers, masked assassins, cannibals, a telekinetic hitman, 100 warped Uncle Sams, automobiles with razor-sharp teeth, living graffiti, cartoons that walk and talk, a steroid-addicted pro-athlete, an angry black chic, a washed-up Barbara Walters clone, the threat of a war to end all wars, and a pissed-off zombie bitch out for revenge.

When the police finally capture the number one suspect in the Bloody Mary Murders, a single-mother named Natasha Armstrong, nobody believes her story about her twelve-year search for the real killer, a murderous walking corpse who has no eyes but can still see, who moves like a bad stop-motion incarnation, but does so with ethereal grace. Nobody believes her when she tells them about all the bodies, or the people they used as game for the military-style obstacle courses that Bloody Mary and her soldiers, a ragtag group made up mostly of runaways, would build wherever they’d settle in any given town to recruit more soldiers and prepare for the end of civilization as we know it.

“One cannot read Andre Duza without wondering if boundaries or taboos are a part of his vocabulary. In Dead Bitch Army, Duza sends readers into a dimension without walls, a world where we cease to worry about crossing lines. Shocking… disturbing… but oh so entertaining and well worth our attention.” — John Paul Allen (author, Gifted Trust)

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