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SURVIVOR by J. F. Gonzalez


It was supposed to be a romantic weekend getaway. Lisa was looking forward to spending time alone with her husband-and telling him that they are going to have a baby. Instead, it becomes a nightmare when her husband is arrested and Lisa is kidnapped. But the kidnappers aren’t asking for ransom. They want Lisa herself. They’re going to make her a star in a snuff film.

What they have in mind for Lisa is unspeakable. They plan to torture and murder her as graphically and brutally as possible, and to capture it all on film. If they have their way, Lisa’s death will be truly horrifying…but even more horrifying is what Lisa will do to survive…

Deadite Press is proud to present the classic hardcore horror novel in this author’s preferred version by J. F. Gonzalez. Now a new generation of readers will ask – how far would you go to survive?

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  1. J.F. Gonzalez has written perhaps the most vividly frightening novel of all time. Yes, better than King, Ketchum and Garton. And, for me, that’s saying a lot.

    Beware this is not for the faint of heart. If you wear a pacemaker you may not want to read this alone at night.

    The premise, how much would you “sacrifice” to get a loved one back?! And, who or what would you give in exchange… you own life? Any more And, I may risk a spoiler.

    Trust at least that I’m a seasoned horror reader and film watcher freak. If that doesn’t qualify me, I for one would love to see this a film. This makes “Hostel 2” and “Saw” look like child’s play. Gonzalez is a power keg of a writer… horror or otherwise. He has honed the craft of character development BEFORE the action. It’s so sick, it makes you question your own darkest choices, decisions and future actions.

    And, if you’ve already read the “older” version, you’re in for a real dread as this is the author’s preferred edition.

    Rating: 10/10

    Terry Schue

    February 29, 2012 at 1:05 pm

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