the very best in cult horror


It’s prom night in the Demented States of America. A place where schools are built with secret passageways, rebellious teens get zippers installed in their mouths and genitals, and once a year, on that special night, one couple is slaughtered and the bits of their bodies are kept as souvenirs. But something’s gone terribly wrong at Corundum High, where the secret killer is claiming a far higher body count than usual . . .

Slaughterhouse High is Robert Devereaux’s slicing satire of sex, death, and public education.

“A hardcore slasher tale set in a surreal alternate world. You’ve never read anything like this.” – Carlton Mellick III

“One part horror novel and four parts vicious (and very funny) satire.” – Lisa Morton, author of Lucid Dreaming

“His fiction is vicious and violent. I love it.” – Ellen Datlow

“Devereaux shocks me, delights me, and turns me on…His eroticism is at once lyrical and visceral, his violence poetic, his style and subject matter daring to the point of danger.” – Poppy Z. Brite

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