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REINCARNAGE by Ryan Harding and Jason Taverner

Reincarnage front final“REINCARNAGE is a total fucking blast and a must read for fans of all the great 1980’s slasher icons. It’s like a great lost FRIDAY THE 13TH sequel from the mid-80’s, one with the gnarliest kills ever because it escaped the wrath of the evil MPAA. But it also has an excellent high concept twist that gives the gloriously gory tale a uniquely modern flavor. Highly recommended.”
-Bryan Smith, author of The Killing Kind and Depraved.

In the 80’s a supernatural killer known as Agent Orange terrorized the United States. No matter how many times he was killed, he kept coming back to spread death and mayhem. With no other choice, the government walled off the small town, woods, and lake that Agent Orange used as his hunting ground. This seemed to contain the killer and his killing sprees ended.

Or so the populace thought…

But really, the government has been kidnapping citizens and giving them to Agent Orange to sate his blood lust. A group of people from all walks of life now find themselves trapped and fighting for their lives against an unstoppable killer.

REINCARNAGE is a blood-splattered meta-tribute to the slasher genre.

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