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AnswersofSilence front cover 2

One thing I am certain of…these stories will remain with you long after you finish. Trust me on this.
-J. F. Gonzalez from his introduction

There is a place where beauty is shunned and obscenity is worshipped. Where a game can determine salvation or damnation. A town where God is irrelevant and the only future is Hell. It’s where love dies and hate thrives. Welcome to Brackard’s Point, New York – a place where horror, surrealism, violence, and the fantastic collide. Enjoy your stay…

Deadite Press is proud to present the extremely sought after horror stories of Geoff Cooper. Collecting fifteen tales of the weird, the horrific, and the strange. Fans of Brian Keene, Jack Ketchum, and Bryan Smith won’t want to miss this collection from one of the unsung masters of modern horror. You won’t forget your visit to Geoff Cooper’s dark and deranged world.

Featuring an introduction from horror legend J. F. Gonzalez

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