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DIE, YOU BASTARD! DIE! by Jan Kozlowski

die cover


Claire’s an expert paramedic, devoted to saving lives. Maybe that’s because she spent her childhood in hell. But decades later, when her monstrously abusive father winds up hospitalized, she is offered a chance to make things right. Too bad it doesn’t work out that way.

Instead, Claire is plunged back into a nightmare of pedophiliac torture and unhinged psychosis so deeply fucked that her only hope of survival may lie in becoming a monster herself.

One way or another, this family tradition ends tonight. And blood ain’t but the half of it.

“DIE, YOU BASTARD! DIE! is a twisted free-fall into hell that doesn’t know the first thing about pulling a punch. If you’re looking to be completely disgusted while utterly riveted, this is your best bet outside of Jack Ketchum. Non-stop, agonizing suspense.” – Spinetingler Magazine

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