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InTheEndOnlyDarkness front cover

“If you’re a fan of extreme horror, you’re going to love this.”

“O’Rourke writes with rare confidence and style. Though undoubtedly disturbing and sometimes brutal, still her work has something quite rare and special-heart.”
-Tim Lebbon, author of Echo City

Raw, brutal, and unapologetic, this collection features the twisted and shocking world of Monica J. O’Rourke. Turn back now if you are faint of heart, or be prepared to encounter the consequences of a gynecological visit gone horribly wrong, discover a unique form of circumcision, fear the roving packs of homicidal cannibal babies that come out at night, and worship genital mutilation as art.

In the tradition of writers such as Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee, and movies such as Saw and Hostel-In the End, Only Darkness is a visceral collection of horror that explores the pain possible in the human heart and body. O’Rourke demonstrates once again that she is one of the most vicious and disturbing writers of extreme fiction.

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