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One day, it starts raining-and never stops. Global super-storms decimate the planet, eradicating most of mankind. Pockets of survivors gather on mountaintops, watching as the waters climb higher and higher. But as the tides rise, something else is rising, too.

Now, in the midst of an ecological nightmare, the remnants of humanity face a new menace, in a battle that stretches from the rooftops of submerged cities to the mountaintop islands jutting from the sea. What hope does an already-devastated mankind have against this new supernatural adversary.

The old gods are dead. Now is the time of the Earthworm Gods…

Deadite Press is proud to present this Author’s Preferred Edition of Earthworm Gods, including an all-new, lengthy afterword by the author recounting the novel’s inspiration, creation, and history.

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HEADER by Edward Lee

headerWhat is a Header?

In the dark backwoods, where law enforcement doesn’t dare tread, there exists a special type of revenge. Something so awful that it is only whispered about. Something so terrible that few believe it is real.

Stewart Cummings is a government agent whose life is going to Hell. His wife is ill and to pay for her medication he turns to bootlegging. But things will get much worse when bodies begin showing up in his sleepy small town. Victims of an act known only as “a Header.”

Deadite Press is proud to bring back the notorious inspiration for the hit cult film – a splatterspunk classic of twisted sex, booze, and revenge.

HEADER is the seminal work of hardcore horror by which all other works are judged. Required reading for fans of Edward Lee and absolutely essential reading for any true horror fan. One of my favorites.

Edward Lee holds a very special place in modern horror. He can and will gross you out or tweak your sex drive if he damn well feels like it — and he often does — Lee likes sex and guts and he’s not ashamed about it. He can out-splatter the most over-the-top splatterpunks, drive a story like a racehorse and he knows how to scare the hell out of you. But he can also slow you way down if he wants to and make you feel and think. And that’s what makes him unique”.
– JACK KETCHUM, award-winning author of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR and THE LOST

Featuring a new introduction by Jack Ketchum and a new afterword by Edward Lee!

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WHARGOUL by Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus of GWAR)

I Destroyed Your Life
I Raped Your Wife
I Am the Fucking Whargoul

From the killing grounds of Stalingrad to the death camps of the holocaust. From torture chambers in Iraq to race riots in the United States, the Whargoul was there – killing and raping. It is a beast born in bullets and shrapnel, feeding off of pain, misery, and hard drugs. Cursed to wander the Earth without the hope of death, it is reborn again and again to spread the gospel of hate, abuse, and genocide.

But what if it’s not the only monster out there? What if there’s something worse?

From Dave Brockie, the twisted genius behind GWAR, comes a novel about the darkest days of the twentieth century. The modern world is dying and Brockie is here to put a bullet between its eyes and violate the corpse.

This is all-out fucking war!

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