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Brian Keene’s GHOUL premiered on Chiller TV this past Friday night. In celebration of the event, Brian Keene wrote a brand new prequel to the movie. Head over to Chiller TV’s website to check it out:

Don’t forget to read the original novel that started it all!

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  1. stephen pontius

    briane keenes ghoul was an excellent movie.i only wish chiller was like ifc (uncensored)
    maybe at leaset after 9.00 pm to 6;00 am.. that would have made it a perfect viewing wxperience. i saw chiller had jack ketchums “the woman” showing also . i already have the dvd(and limited edition supercool t-shirt) i bet chiller really chopped (edited) alot ou
    of the woman least chiller is giving some of my fave authors a chance to show their movie on cable. thanks chiller for that.i only wish it would have been uncensored.

    May 21, 2012 at 4:24 pm

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