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When the zombies come to Redding, California, it all goes down in a matter of days.

They say the first to die are the lucky ones. But there’s nothing lucky about these poor fucks, shot from behind or gutted and gnawed on the streets of their city gone wild.

And no cop, no crook, no citizen or soldier can do anything to stop it. Just fight until there’s nothing left. Fight. And die. And rise again. As civilization crumbles, one bloody chunk at a time.

Bryan Killian’s debut novel is a thrilling non-stop ultraviolent powerhouse of undead action.


There are no lucky ones…

Featuring an introduction from horror legend Brian Keene.

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Go back to the beginning of the end of the world…

Hell has come to earth as sadistic zombies rampage and massacre the human population. Reverend Thomas Martin has lost his congregation to the chaos but he found two wayward survivors to protect – Becky and John. The three of them have holed up in Martin’s church in a desperate attempt for survival. But as supplies run low and civilization crumbles around them, Martin must come to a realization – God has abandoned them. But why?

Is there any chance of hope in this new world? Is there any chance for deliverance?

Modern horror legend, Brian Keene returns to his fan-favorite universe of The Rising with a tale of faith, loss, and zombies.

This special edition also includes two short stories that expand and explore The Rising mythos – “The Resurrection and the Life” and “The Siqquism who Stole Christmas.”

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DIE, YOU BASTARD! DIE! by Jan Kozlowski

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Claire’s an expert paramedic, devoted to saving lives. Maybe that’s because she spent her childhood in hell. But decades later, when her monstrously abusive father winds up hospitalized, she is offered a chance to make things right. Too bad it doesn’t work out that way.

Instead, Claire is plunged back into a nightmare of pedophiliac torture and unhinged psychosis so deeply fucked that her only hope of survival may lie in becoming a monster herself.

One way or another, this family tradition ends tonight. And blood ain’t but the half of it.

“DIE, YOU BASTARD! DIE! is a twisted free-fall into hell that doesn’t know the first thing about pulling a punch. If you’re looking to be completely disgusted while utterly riveted, this is your best bet outside of Jack Ketchum. Non-stop, agonizing suspense.” – Spinetingler Magazine

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Read BOOT BOYS OF THE WOLD REICH on your kindle for 99 cents! Today only!

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Punks and Werewolves versus Nazi Werewolves!

Paul has just moved to the big city to finish out high school, and is excited to have made friends with all the local skinheads and punks. It is the summer of 1989 and they spend their days hanging out and having fun, and their nights fighting the local neo-Nazi gangs.

Driven back and badly beaten, the local Nazi contingent finds the strangest of allies – The last survivor of a cult of Nazi werewolf assassins. A war criminal on the run, the old monster has come to America and dreams of starting a Fourth Reich. An army of neo-Nazi werewolves are just what he needs. But first, they have some payback for all those meddling Anti-racist SHARPs…

From David Agranoff, the author of The Vegan Revolution…with Zombies, comes another punk horror epic of growing up, black magic, and kicking Nazi-werewolf ass!

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CUPID IN BONDAGE by Wrath James White

cupid final“Without apologies, White tears through your emotions, from sympathy to hate, humor to shock…” -Horror Web

Wrath James White, the celebrated master of extreme sex and violence, offers up a collection of perverse stories that explore the powerful relationship between pleasure and pain. From extreme BDSM to self-mutilation and death, Cupid in Bondage is his most unflinching view into the darkest corners of the human heart.

In these twenty-three stories and poems of extreme erotic horror, White shows just how far some people will go to satisfy their lust.

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WZMB by Andre Duza

WZMB sample2It’s the end of the world, but we’re not going off the air!

Martin Stone was a popular shock jock radio host before the zombie apocalypse. Then for six months the dead destroyed society. Humanity is now slowly rebuilding and Martin Stone is back to doing what he does best-taking to the airwaves. Host of the only radio show in this new world, he helps organize other survivors.

But zombies aren’t the only threat. There are others that thought humanity needed to end. That what happened was our punishment. And they’ll do anything to make sure that we fail…

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